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 ...Is the easiest to prepare for.

Have you ever literally cried over spilled milk? I have.

Once, when one of my daughters was young, she accidentally knocked over a brand new gallon of milk, and before I could grab it, all but a few drops had spilled everywhere. It wasn't the mess that upset me. All these years later, I remember thinking that I would not be able to afford to purchase more milk for 9 more days, which was when my next paycheck was due to arrive. I felt like a failure, being unable to provide this basic supply. I wanted to change my life so I never had to feel that way again.

We all plan to be prepared for things like a winter storm, a deadly pandemic, or a nuclear disaster - but sometimes, we overlook the obvious. The most likely disaster we will ever face is not something you’ll read about in the paper or watch in horror on TV but it can be every bit as devastating for your family.

It’s financial problems.

Your current financial issues may not seem like that big of a deal but if you can nod your head when reading the following warning signs, it’s something that could catapult you even deeper into the financial hole.

  • Do you find yourself constantly putting off things you need until “the next paycheck?”
  • Do you splurge for the first few days after you get paid and scrimp during those barren last few days?
  • Would a loss of part of your income be a complete financial disaster for you?
  • Do you worry about money on a regular basis?
  • Do you often look at the things you bought and think, “Wow, I really didn’t need that”?
  • Do you wish that you had more personal financial security?
  • Do you have a stack of overdue bills, shut-off notices, and warning letters?
  • Do you know that if a big expense came up, it would have to go on plastic or you wouldn’t be able to pay for it at all?
  • Are you in debt outside of your mortgage and car payment?

Dealing with personal economic issues isn't hard.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, there is an EASY, PAINLESS WAY to change your life! No matter how much or how little you make, I can help you get out from under the suffocating weight of financial stress.

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If I can do this, YOU can do this.

ANYONE can do this. I’m a single mom without a university degree. I’ve been through some terribly difficult times financially, but I was able to change our family’s future by changing my personal philosophy about money.

Here are a few examples of how a frugal lifestyle has provided me with amazing security and freedom:

  • That time I got laid off temporarily: About 9 years ago, I got laid off for several months while the business I worked for restructured. I was a single mom with a mortgage, a car payment, and two kids. Because of the stockpile of food and health and beauty items we had stashed away in our pantry, I spent less than $10 a week at the grocery store the entire time I was unemployed. The meager amount coming in from unemployment was enough to pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads, and a car in the driveway. Our supplies took care of all our other needs.
  • That time my dad was dying: When I had to take several weeks off work to go be with my dad before he passed away, I had the money in savings to take a leave of absence, keep my bills paid, and take care of travel expenses. I spent his last few weeks with him and that was more valuable to me than gold.
  • That time I lost my job for real: Six years ago, I lost my job permanently when my company downsized many senior employees. This situation was even worse, and I also lost my home and car. At the same time, my oldest daughter was starting college. I decided to change my life, drop my expenses to rock bottom, and start my own business. On a wage of about $30,000, I paid all our expenses, started my business, and got my daughter through college, DEBT-FREE.

There are so many other things – replacing broken glasses, paying cash for an emergency room visit, being debt-free, looking after medical bills, putting my TWO KIDS through college without debt – all of this on a SINGLE MOM budget.

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