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  • Do you want to turn frugality into a long-term habit?
  • Do you want to be the kind of person who automatically looks for the least expensive way to do things?
  • Do you want to live a peaceful life with less stress about money?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you are in the right place! For only $5 per month, you can get the Preppernomics Report, a printable PDF overflowing with creative ideas for saving money. You'll also be invited to join our closed Facebook group for subscribers only.

If you subscribe by Nov. 30, 2017, you will be locked in for this low introductory rate forever for the PDF format. You'll also receive a PDF copy of Daisy Luther's book, Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas and a Debt-Free New Year as our gift to you.

We are sure that if you use the ideas in this newsletter, you'll save MUCH MORE than $5 per month. If you aren't completely satisfied, we'll cancel your subscription, no questions asked. You aren't locked in - if ever you're not happy, just let us know. If we can't fix the reason for your unhappiness, we'll be sorry to see you go but we promise, canceling will be no-hassle.

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