Preppers Market Cookbook: Sweet Habanero Chili with Quinoa

PM Sweet Habanero Chili with Quinoa

Wondering how to make the most of your NuManna Defender Pack? Recently we made a delicious, filling meal by combining two goodies together to make one tasty meal.

Sweet Habanero Chili with Quinoa

I love chili in just about every version that exists and this one was not a disappointment. However…if you have a family member who doesn’t like spicy food, opt for the Classic Chili instead of the Sweet Habanero. One of my daughters said that it was too spicy. Keep in mind, this is also the daughter who finds cinnamon gum spicy enough to make her eyes water, so┬átake that opinion with a grain of salt. (Or spice.)

Here are the packages for the chili and the quinoa. Initially I had put these into a snazzy collage, but then I realised you couldn’t read the information on the back. So, this isn’t as snazzy, but you can read it.


chili (1)


The quinoa is simply organic quinoa, the kind you’d get at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. This means that it has to be rinsed, which could be a problem if you are in a situation in which water is at a premium. If you have running water, this is, of course, no big deal at all.



For the absolute best flavor, if you saute it in a pan with a little butter or cooking oil, it will be restaurant quality delicious. For the purpose of an emergency food review, I didn’t get all crazy gourmet. I simply washed it and boiled it.

There is an enormous benefit to having grains like quinoa packaged up in 16 servings apiece. This way, if you were relying on your food storage for the long term, you wouldn’t have to worry about the product becoming rancid or getting buggy before you could consume it all.

How I Made This Meal

Back to the food. Once cooked, the quinoa was fluffy and perfect. The quality of this product was excellent.

cooked quinoa1


Next, the chili. Here’s what it looked like when I took it out of the package and dumped it in a bowl.


chili dehydrated1



The food came to us sealed into bags containing 6 servings. I’ve found that the servings from NuManna are very generous, so since there were just two of us eating, I mixed the contents of the bag well, then scooped half back in to have at a different time. The bags have a heavy duty zipper seal, so they close right back up.

Every time I’ve cooked emergency food, I’ve found it requires a little more water than the instructions recommend to get the items completely rehydrated and tender, and this was no exception. I ended up adding two extra cups of water to our half bag of chili. Now, in case it’s just me and there’s some weird, sci-fi, water-draining bubble around my kitchen, follow the package instructions, but be prepared to add extra water if needed.

As well, I simmered the chili for 30 minutes instead of 20-25. In a winter emergency, I’d simply pop this on top of the woodstove for a while, which might take a bit longer but would require no extra fuel.

This chili had tender beans and tasty, sweet bits of real pineapple. As far as emergency food goes, this was a foodie’s delight. It was delicious. I served mine in a bowl over my quinoa, and it was a filling, satisfying meal.



Where To Get These Products

Both the quinoa and the chili are found in the Defender Pack.

Learn more about the Defender Pack.

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