NuManna Flex-Pay

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When planning for your family's preparedness needs the cost can sometimes be overwhelming. Our goals are to help people prepare with the best stuff on the market. TO help reach this goal we started NuManna Flex Pay. Just like the name suggests, it is a Flexible plan that you control to help build your food storage.

It starts by choosing what buckets and packages you want to build toward. At that point decide how much a month you would like to spend toward those packages. As you go along month after month your account builds and NuManna will ship you the buckets you have paid for along the way as you build toward your storage goals.

For example: let’s say you want Six Family Pack Buckets. You also want to spend 125.00 per month toward your package. So every month we will deduct that much from your credit/debit card. After two months you will have built up enough to receive your first bucket…so we ship it to you and continue on with the plan.
…or, let’s say you want a grab n go every month. We would then charge the amount of a Grab n Go every month and ship it directly to you.

The great thing about this plan is the price gets locked in at the time you start FlexPay and you are not committed to any contract. You are in control. If you want to skip a month of payments to save money that month then just let us know…If you want to doubl eyour payment one month to speed up your orders then no problem…You want to change form the Grab n Go buckets to Defender Packs, we can do it. Just let us know in advance and then the next payment will be adjusted according to your desired changes.

Give us a call today (1-888-597-0775) to set up NuManna Flex Pay and see how easy it can be to build the storehouse you want.