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Here's why you should consider storing water in this 15-gallon capacity water storage barrel.

#1) Its portable which makes it easier to take this essential supply with you.

#2) It's small enough that oversize shipping costs don't cause the price to skyrocket (unlike the popular but expensive - and non-portable - 55-gallon barrels. These barrels are made of thick, light blocking, BPA-free, food grade plastic

Package Information
15 Gallon Water Storage (water not included)
Portable, Heavy-duty Containers
BPA Free, Food Grade Plastic

Emergency Water Storage Barrel - 15 Gallon

Itäó»s critical to have at least a few days to a few weeks supply of water on hand in case of emergency. For longer emergencies the stored water gets you by until you can secure a longer term supply of fresh water. These heavy duty storage barrels are in the goldilocks zone between capacity and portability, making them an ideal fit for any emergency and addition to your prepper storage supply.

15 Gallon Water Tank Key Benefits - 

  • Heavy Duty, BPA Free, Food Grade Plastic
  • 15" Diameter, 27" high
  • 15 Gallon Capacity (water not included)
  • Filled Weight: Approximately 125 lbs
  • 2 Pour / Vent Spouts with Rubber Gasket Seals
  • 1 Heavy Duty Carry Handle
  • Portable and Reusable
  • Dark Blue - Restricts light and growth of harmful bacteria