5 Reasons Emergency Food Buckets Are an Essential Part of a Prepper’s Pantry

5 Reasons Emergency Food Buckets Are an Essential Part of a Prepper's Pantry round

During all of the time I’ve been involved in preparedness, I’ve had difficulty combining my love for whole food with my need for long-term storable food to consume in the event of an emergency. For years, I sought an emergency food that tasted reasonably good, had fewer additives, contained no MSG (that’s an instant migraine for me) and wasn’t loaded with genetically modified ingredients from a country with low food standards. (Cough, China.)

In my pantry, you can find buckets of emergency food from several different companies, but until recently, there was not a product line that I felt I could really get behind and endorse. There were always things like MSG, aspartame, GMO corn syrup (just no), unpronounceable ingredients, or a label that announced “Made in China.” Don’t even get me started on the copious amounts of gluten and sugary drinks that seem to be the backbone of many emergency kits.

Readers frequently ask me how they can immediately build a supply, and hands down, emergency buckets are the easiest, fastest way if you have the need for speed. At the same time, it’s difficult for me to recommend products that completely go against everything I believe in as a real food activist.

Despite all of the drawbacks, emergency food buckets have an essential place in your pantry. You just have to make the best choices available to ensure that you’re nourishing yourself instead of poisoning yourself.

Why emergency food buckets are essential


Please understand that emergency food buckets, while vital, should not be the basis of your food storage or your everyday diet. They are only part of the picture of a perfect pantry.

Here’s why every prepper should have some emergency food buckets stashed away:

  1. 1.) A lot of calories can be condensed into a very small amount of space.
  2. 2.) If you have the capacity to boil water during an emergency, a filling meal can be yours.
  3. 3.) They add variety and speed to an emergency food supply.
  4. 4.) Calorie for calorie, they’re lightweight and easily portable in the event of a bug-out scenario.
  5. 5.) They’re professionally packaged to have a 25-year shelf life, so you can get it, stick it in the back of your closet, and forget about it until you need it.

You can use emergency food not only as is, for a hot, satiating meal, but you can also combine it with other pantry items or leftovers to extend them far enough to feed a group. Don’t hesitate to get creative!

The Cons of Emergency Food Buckets


Now, the downside.

If you’re looking for ready-made meals, none of them are going to be completely without additives. This is impossible, because they’re made to last for 25 years, to take up minimal space,  to cook up quickly and efficiently, and to taste reasonably good.

Some compromises must be made. Yes, emergency food buckets contain processed food, but you don’t have to let go of all of your focus on healthful choices.

I recommend NuManna Foods.


Finally, I’ve found a product line that I can get behind. NuManna Foods.

Here’s the company’s vision statement:

NuManna believes that emergency food should be as healthy if not healthier than the food we eat on a daily basis. The effects of food on our overall health have never been a bigger concern. Chemical preservatives, food allergies, gluten intolerance, MSG, and certainly Genetically Modified (GMO) foods are all challenging our well-being.

NuManna Foods is well aware of these problems. The founders of NuManna have their own special dietary needs and were seeking storable foods with no Aspartame, or High Fructose Corn Syrup before NuManna began. GMO-free ingredients and gluten restricted options were also a high priority. They didn’t find storable food meals quite up to the standards set for their own family. So, they decided to create them and became one of the first storable food makers of its kind to offer such selective and chemically free products.

We understand customers with exacting standards. We understand how food intolerance can be overwhelming. We also realize the human body cannot eat preserved foods for an extended period of time without getting sick. Your food storage and emergency supplies should not be a health crisis. We work to meet and exceed your expectations and make it easy to find the high-quality storable foods you want and need without sacrificing flavor or value.

Allow our pursuit of quality preparedness food to overcome the frustration you may have felt in seeking out healthy food storage. Our standard packages are Certified 100% GMO-Free with no preservatives, no soy, or other controversial ingredients. We also offer complete Gluten Restricted buckets with the same chemical and preservative-free standard. Our foods are even free of Autolyzed Yeast Extract. NuManna is a true innovator in healthy and chemically free storable foods.

I haven’t found anything else in the storable industry with these standards, and I believe that this could raise the bar to the point that the industry is changed completely. I was so impressed that I have partnered with NuManna to help folks find their foods (and some other awesome products) here at Prepper’s Market.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this delicious food.

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